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The Government of Vietnam introduced an online visa in 2017 to facilitate international visitors’ arrivals for temporary stays. Americans are among the top nationalities visiting Vietnam every year and can apply for the e-Visa from the comfort of their home.

The eVisa for Vietnam is available via an online application form. US nationals can submit their petition within 30 minutes and use it to visit Vietnam for specific reasons for travel.

Vietnam E-Visa for United States Passport Holders: Main Features

The visa policy for Vietnam publishes the authorized activities Americans can carry out in Vietnam. It also details how long they can stay in the country and the number of entries granted. The Vietnamese eVisa is designed for visitors from the US if their travel plans meet the following criteria:

  • They only require a single entry into Vietnam
  • They only need to stay in the country for up to 30 days

American citizens are eligible to carry out the following activities provided their stay does not exceed the authorized 30 days:

  • Tourism, leisure, and cultural visits
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Investment opportunities
  • Journalism
  • Temporary labor
  • Short term medical therapy
  • Transiting through on their way to a third destination

Upon issuance, the electronic visa for Vietnam is valid for entry for 30 days. If Americans have not used their online visa to reach the country within this period, it will no longer be valid and they will have to reapply for a new one.

Nationals from the US interested in visits for over 30 days or other activities should note they will require a traditional visa that fulfills those needs. In their situation, we recommend contacting the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington DC or the Consulate in San Francisco for further details.

Requirements for the Vietnam E-Visa for United States Travelers

Before beginning the eVisa application process, it is important to read through the visa requirements for American travelers. These publish which countries US citizens can visit with an online visa and how they should apply.

The Vietnamese e-Visa is available for applicants from the US who meet the following conditions:

  • Possess an American passport with a validity of 180 days on their intended arrival date in Vietnam
  • Provide a digital copy of the passport’s biographical page
  • Supply a passport-style photograph of the applicant in digital format
  • Share a current email address to register their eVisa request
  • Use a debit or credit card to pay the e-Visa processing fee
  • Have their travel itinerary ready.

US nationals with a passport set to expire within 6 months of their arrival in Vietnam must send it for renewal with their local authorities at their earliest possibility.

Americans holding dual citizenship must note they will have to apply for the Vietnamese online visa with the same US passport they will use when traveling to Vietnam. If they reach the country with a different travel document, they will not be able to use their eVisa.

Application Process for the E-Visa for Vietnam for US Nationals

US citizens can submit their Vietnam e-Visa requests by completing an online form. It consists of a questionnaire which they can answer in approximately 30 minutes. They will be required to share the following personal information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Residential address
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Americans must also share some specific information regarding their travel plans, such as the following:

  • Intended arrival date
  • Purpose of visit
  • Places of visit
  • Address of their stay in Vietnam

Applicants from the United States are also required to submit their passport number and its expiry date. It is very important to review all the information supplied in the form. Any mistakes or mismatches can lead to a denial of their application for the eVisa to Vietnam.

The application process for the electronic visa is completed with the payment of the processing fee, which is issued by a secure digital platform. Americans must simply confirm their bank cards have been previously activated for online payments.

Traveling to Vietnam from the US with children

US citizens visiting Vietnam with minors must note that if any traveler is aged under 14 years and their details are included in one of their parent’s or guardian’s passports, they can be included in a joint Vietnam eVisa request.

In this case, all details can be completed by their parents or legal guardians on their behalf.

Otherwise, underage US visitors will need their own Vietnamese electronic visa previously approved.

Processing times for the Vietnam e-Visa for US citizens

The Vietnamese authorities evaluate all the online visa requests submitted by American nationals. If the forms have been correctly submitted, they issue a resolution in up to 72 hours.

Applicants from the United States will receive a confirmation email with their Vietnam e-Visa attached. Upon receipt, we request they print out one copy of the approved electronic visa and store it next to their travel documents.

Traveling to Vietnam from the US with the e-Visa

US passport holders can choose to enter Vietnam by any international port of entry by air, road, or sea. The most popular ones include the international airports of Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.

Upon reaching any border crossing, they can head straight to the queues for Vietnam e-Visa arrivals to save time. They will be required to submit their passport and a printed copy of their electronic visa to border officials for inspection before being allowed to enter the country.

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Covid Update for Vietnam

Last update: 24/11/2022

There are currently no COVID-19 travel restrictions for Vietnam.

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