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Due to armed conflict it is not possible to travel to Ukraine at this time. Ukrainian airspace is closed, all travelers are strongly advised against travelling to Ukraine.

Mexico is one of the few Latin American countries whose citizens can apply for the Ukraine eVisa.

In other words, travelers from Mexico can easily and quickly submit their online visa applications without visiting a Ukrainian embassy or consulate.

The approved Ukraine eVisa is shared with Mexican applicants over email and saves a lot of their time and effort.

Before applying for the Ukraine online visa, citizens of Mexico should make sure that they possess all the necessary documents.

Do Mexican Citizens Need a Visa to Enter Ukraine?

Mexican passport holders need a visa to gain access to Ukraine. Fortunately, they can obtain one online.

The Ukraine eVisa for Mexicans allows them to:

  • Enter and leave the country once (single-entry visa)
  • Stay for as long as 30 consecutive days
  • Use this option if they are traveling for tourism, medical treatment, business activities, cultural endeavors, or if they are performing a foreign media job in the country.

Once citizens of Mexico land in Ukraine, border authorities will require them to show their passports and a valid approved visa.

With the Ukraine eVisa for Mexican citizens, applicants do not need to stand in long queues or submit paperwork in person. The eligibility for eVisa simplifies the application process.

Ukraine eVisa Requirements for Mexicans

In order to get the eVisa to access Ukrainian territory, citizens of Mexico need to submit some important documents, which include:

  • A valid Mexican passport for the entire period of stay
  • An updated email address to receive the Ukraine eVisa
  • A credit or debit card to make the processing fee payment

Some supporting documents that would be required include:

  • A recent passport-size photograph of the Mexican citizen
  • A valid insurance policy with a coverage of at least €30,000
  • A scanned copy of the passport’s biographical section
  • Documents to support the claim of sufficient funds for the duration of stay

After collecting this information, Mexican citizens are ready to apply for a Ukrainian eVisa.

For more information regarding trips overseas, applicants are encouraged to read the general visa conditions for Mexican citizens.

Ukraine Online Visa Application Process for Mexican Citizens

According to Ukraine’s visa policy, Mexican citizens must complete a simple and fast visa application form to request a travel permit. This form can be completed within a few minutes from a laptop or desktop.

While entering details into the form, applicants from Mexico must provide:

  • Personal details, including nationality, name, age, etc.
  • Contact details, including email ID, phone number, physical address, etc.
  • Passport details as per the official document issued by the Government of Mexico
  • Details about health and security-related questions
  • Details about purpose and length of the stay in Ukraine

Once the Ukraine electronic visa application form is filled and complete, it is necessary to check the information provided. It should be correct and match the details in the Mexican passport.

Permitted Travel Purposes for Ukraine eVisa for Mexican Citizens

Travelers from Mexico can visit Ukraine for many different purposes with an online visa.

Based on the reason for visiting the country, you may need to submit some additional documents. The most common purposes of the visit to Ukraine include:

  • Tourism
  • Medical treatment
  • Business
  • Cultural, educational, sporting, or scientific activities
  • Official duties to be performed by a member of the foreign media

For Mexican citizens who wish to stay longer in Ukraine, it is necessary to visit the nearest embassy and submit the application for a different permit in person.

Citizens of Mexico applying for a study or work visa also need to visit the Ukrainian embassy in Mexico to obtain the official travel document.

What is the processing time for Ukraine online visa for Mexican citizens?

The Ukraine online visa for Mexican nationals does not involve a long processing time.

Applicants need to wait for up to 9 days before obtaining the approved eVisa over email, and in most cases, the document is sent within 3 business days.

However, it is still recommended to apply for the Ukraine eVisa well in advance of your departure date. This helps you avoid any delays in the authorization process.

Mexican citizens with more than one passport should provide the same details as the passport they would be carrying to Ukraine for the purpose of the trip.

Traveling from Mexico to Ukraine with an eVisa

Before applying for the Ukraine eVisa, Mexican citizens should check the latest information about travel restrictions in Ukraine.

It is also important to print the approved eVisa and carry it during travel. Along with the Mexican passport, the eVisa needs to be presented to the border and immigration officials before entering Ukraine.

Application Steps

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Country policy

Ukraine Visa Policy


Learn more about the visa policy of Ukraine and check the requirements for your nationality.

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