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COVID-19 entry requirement for Spain: all international passengers must fill in an FCS (health control form) to travel to Spanish territory.

Spain has introduced a “Health Control Form” for international travelers. This is now an obligatory entry requirement for each journey to the country.

Officially called the Formulario de Control Sanitario (FCS), this health declaration form for Spain was launched as a measure to protect public health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

What Is the Spain FCS Form?

The FCS form for Spain is a travel health form that must be completed by passengers entering the country.

It is one of a number of travel health certificates introduced by countries around the world as travel requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FCS is Spain’s health control form to allow international travelers to enter. It is a measure that has allowed the country to reopen its borders while controlling the spread of the virus.

The form can be found and completed online. Passengers heading to Spain must enter their details in the required fields, providing their personal, travel, and contact information. They must accept the terms to make the health declaration.

It takes a matter of minutes to apply online for the FCS. The form is short and straightforward.

Once done, the individual will receive a QR code. This will be needed to travel to Spain.

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Who Needs a Health Declaration Form to Travel to Spain?

All international passengers must complete an FCS form when traveling to Spain from another country. This applies to all persons, regardless of age or nationality.

Travelers transiting through the country must also complete a Spain travel health form.

A new FCS must be completed each time an individual enters Spain. Each form is non-transferable and covers a single trip.

Do minors have to fill in an FCS form?

Children and dependents must have a travel health certificate for Spain, as is the case for every traveler. However, they do not have to fill in the FCS form themselves.

Parents and guardians may complete the form on behalf of minors and dependents. In this case, the individual completing the form is considered responsible for providing accurate information.

Health Declaration Form Requirements for Spain

In order to travel to Spain with the FCS, passengers must be allowed to enter under the terms of the latest coronavirus travel restrictions.

When completing the FCS form online, travelers are required to have the following items:

  • Valid passport
  • Current email address

The passport details must be entered into the form. The same passport must be used when entering Spain.

The traveler will receive a QR code by email after completing the Spanish health declaration form. This must be presented and scanned at border control to enter the country.

How to Complete FCS Online Registration

The FCS health declaration form application requires applicants to enter the following personal details:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Passport number or national ID number
  • Nationality

The following contact details must also be provided:

  • Email address
  • Phone number

The passenger must also provide the following travel information:

  • Flight number
  • Date of arrival in Spain
  • Date of departure from Spain
  • Accommodation information

There are also a number of questions regarding the individual’s health. In particular, they must specify if they have any symptoms of coronavirus.

Those arriving from countries deemed to be high-risk for COVID-19 must also have a negative test result from the previous 72 hours.

Do I have to print the FCS health declaration form for Spain?

It is not necessary to print the FCS form. The only thing the traveler will need is the QR code generated when the form is completed. This will be delivered by email.

The QR code can be presented in 2 ways:

  • On paper
  • On a mobile device

If the individual prefers to keep a paper copy, it is optional to print the FCS QR code. This may be a good idea in case of technical problems with their mobile device, such as loss of battery power during the flight.

Application Steps

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Travel Health Certificate FAQS

  • Do you need to be tested for COVID to travel to Spain with the FCS?

    Yes, travelers arriving from most countries will need to take a COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours before they plan to arrive in Spain. A negative test result must be presented on arrival to enter the country. This must be in Spanish, English, French, or German (or with a certified Spanish translation).

    However, passengers flying from certain countries are exempt. Check the latest coronavirus travel restrictions for Spain for the latest details.

    The following tests are accepted:

    • PCR
    • RT-LAMP
    • RT-PCR
    • TMA

    Starting 7 June 2021, there will be alternatives to the test via the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC) scheme. Travelers with a vaccination or recovery certificate will be able to use these instead of a negative test result.

  • Is the FCS mandatory to travel to Spain?

    Yes. All travelers must have an FCS health control form to enter Spain. Parents/guardians may complete the online form on behalf of their dependents.

  • Do you have to quarantine in Spain when you travel with the FCS?

    Travelers arriving from certain countries may have to quarantine upon arrival. They must still complete the Spanish FCS form.

  • What are the requirements to get an FCS form for Spain?

    To obtain an FCS health declaration for Spain, travelers must have a valid passport and a current email address. They must also be able to enter the country, in line with the current travel regulations.

  • What are the other requirements to enter Spain?

    In addition to completing the FCS form, passengers must be arriving from a “safe” country. Most travelers are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result form within the past 72 hours.

    From 7 June 2021, a certificate or document certifying that the traveler is vaccinated against coronavirus or has previously recovered from the illness may present this as an alternative to the negative test result.

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