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Citizens of Kenya who are planning a trip to South Africa will need travel authorization in order to enter the country. South Africa visa requirements for Kenyan citizens vary depending on the purpose and intended length of their stay.

For short stays for tourism or business purposes, citizens of Kenya are now eligible to apply online for a South Africa eVisa.

This convenient electronic visa for Kenyans greatly expedites the visa application process for South Africa and eliminates the need to apply in person at a South African diplomatic mission in Kenya.

What Is a South Africa eVisa for Kenyan Citizens and What Does It Do?

The South Africa eVisa for Kenyan citizens is an online visa that allows applicants to enter South Africa without having to obtain a visa at an embassy or consulate.

The eVisa was introduced by the government to improve the process of applying for a South Africa tourist visa. Citizens of eligible countries, such as Kenya, can use the online eVisa application system to apply for an electronic visa ahead of their leisure or business trip to South Africa.

The South Africa online visa can be used for a single entry or multiple entries. It is granted to Kenyan nationals for varying lengths of time depending on the purpose of the stay. The validity of the South Africa eVisa will be confirmed once the eVisa has been approved.

Travelers can use the eVisa for South Africa to gain entry to the country at Lanseria and Ortia airports.

Is a South Africa eVisa obligatory for Kenyan passport holders?

Many foreign nationals, including Kenyan citizens, must obtain travel authorization before entering South Africa. As Kenyans are not permitted to apply for a visa on arrival for South Africa, approval to enter the country must be obtained by applying for a visa in advance.

For simple tourism and business trips, Kenyan visitors should apply online for a South Africa eVisa.

Available via an online application system, the South Africa eVisa for Kenyan passport holders is a fast and easy way to gain authorization to enter the country. Using the online application system is much more convenient than applying at a South African embassy or consulate.

Passport control officers at Lanseria and Ortia airports can confirm a traveler’s eVisa by scanning their passport. However, it is also a good idea for travelers to carry a printed copy of their eVisa for Kenyan citizens in case there are any problems with the system.

Do Kenyan Citizens Need an eVisa To Live In South Africa?

To visit the country for short stays for business or tourism, it is possible to obtain a South Africa electronic visa online from Kenya.

The visa policy of South Africa states that citizens of Kenya who wish to travel to the country for residency, to take up an offer of employment, or to undertake studies must contact a South African embassy or consulate.

South Africa eVisa Application for Kenyan Nationals

It is quick and easy for Kenyan nationals to gain an eVisa for South Africa through the online application system.

Travelers must complete a South African eVisa application form from Kenya with personal and passport information, answer a few health and security-related questions, and share details of their planned visit. Applicants will also have to provide certain supporting documents.

Applicants must ensure all information entered on the form is correct, in order to avoid any unnecessary processing delays.

Passport requirements for Kenyan citizens applying for a South African eVisa

Travelers must have a valid Kenyan passport that will not expire for at least six months past the intended date of travel.

As the eVisa for South Africa for Kenyans is electronically linked to the passport used in the application process, Kenyan travelers must use this same passport to gain entry to South Africa.

If the passport used in the application is renewed, lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise rendered invalid, it is necessary to apply for a new eVisa for South Africa with the new Kenyan passport.

How Will I Receive my South Africa eVisa for Kenyan Nationals?

If a Kenyan national has been successful in obtaining a South Africa eVisa, they will be notified via email.

If, for whatever reason, the eVisa cannot be granted, Kenyan applicants will need to contact their nearest South African embassy or consulate to submit an application for a South Africa visa.

Additional Documents Required for the South Africa eVisa for Kenyans

To apply for a South Africa online visa, Kenyan citizens must provide the following supporting documents:

  • Proof of sufficient funds to pay for day-to-day expenses during the stay
  • Evidence of a return or onward ticket
  • Yellow fever certificate

A yellow fever certificate is only needed if the traveler has passed through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America on the way to South Africa.

Application Steps

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