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It is now possible for United States nationals to apply for a tourist eVisa to Saudi Arabia. This fully electronic visa allows holders access to the country for reasons of tourism for up to 90 days at a time.

Citizens from 51 different countries – including the United States – can now apply for an electronic visa (eVisa) to provide entry to Saudi Arabia. To do this, United States citizens will need to ensure they meet the Saudi Arabia eVisa requirements.

What Is the Saudi Arabia eVisa for US Citizens?

According to the Saudi Arabia visa policy, American citizens planning a trip to the country need an online travel visa to enter the country if they are planning to visit for tourism purposes. This is known as the Saudi Arabian electronic visa or eVisa.

Saudi Arabia recently changed its tourism policy and officially allowed foreign tourists into the country, opening up a world of sights and destinations that many people were unable to visit prior to this.

The Saudi Arabia eVisa was launched to facilitate travel for visitors from selected countries, including the United States.

It is valid for multiple entries to Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days per visit and a combined total of 180 days across a year.

How Can I Apply for the Saudi Arabia eVisa as a United States National?

The application process for United States citizens traveling to Saudi Arabia is straightforward and can be done from the comfort of the applicant’s own home. The only things United States nationals require to apply for a Saudi Arabia eVisa is an internet connection, valid passport, and a method of payment.

To apply for a Saudi Arabia eVisa, applicants will require the following:

  • A passport-style photograph
  • An up-to-date passport with at least six months’ validity from the applicants’ dates of travel
  • A current email address
  • A credit or debit card with which to pay the processing fee

The Saudi Arabia electronic visa form is simple to fill out and should take only around 10 minutes to complete. It is important that applicants complete the form correctly, inputting all the relevant information when applying so as not to delay the process.

Applicants will also be required to include information regarding their intended trip, such as dates of travel, flight details, and where they will be staying.

How Will I Receive my Saudi Arabia eVisa from the United States?

The Saudi Arabia eVisa is usually approved within 3-5 business days, although it can take longer during busy travel times, so US passport holders should ensure they leave plenty of time to apply prior to travel. The visa will then be sent to the email address provided.

Once approved, the eVisa will grant the holder entry to Saudi Arabia via any of its seaports, certain airports and land border checkpoints. It is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. 

The holder should also ensure they print out a copy of the eVisa and carry it with them when traveling through the country in case border officials need to check it. They will need their passport and visa when entering the country.

What Other Saudi Arabia Visa Options Are Available for Americans?

For United States citizens wishing to visit Saudi Arabia for business purposes, study, or to relocate to the country should contact a Saudi Arabia embassy or consulate to find out more about different visas available and how to apply for them.

There are also special Hajj visas for those undertaking the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. Hajj visas are only available from the 8th to the 12th of the last month of the Muslim calendar each year. A standard visa does not allow access to Mecca.

Insurance for United States Citizens Traveling to Saudi Arabia on an eTA

United States nationals who receive a Saudi Arabia electronic visa will also receive an insurance policy linked to their eVisa.

This is a compulsory requirement for United States tourists traveling to Saudi Arabia. An insurance provider is randomly assigned by the Saudi government at the moment the eVisa is processed.

Why Visit Saudi Arabia with the eVisa for US Nationals?

Most tourists to the country will have Jeddah on their must-visit list: the ancient port town is packed with history and houses the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Gate to Mecca. 

Another popular destination is the Asir Mountains in the southwest of the country, where visitors can trek through the unique forest terrain.

Application Steps

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Receive approved Visa
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Check the visa policy of Saudi Arabia and discover the requirements for your nationality to travel to the Kingdom.

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