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The Russian E-visa for Mexican citizens is an electronic visa that allows travelers from Mexico to visit the Russian Federation. There are several E-visas for different regions of Russia.

The E-visa for Russia allows Mexican nationals to obtain authorization to visit the country online, with the convenience of being able to apply from anywhere with an internet connection instead of going to an embassy.

Russian visa policy allows travelers from around 55 other countries around the world to obtain the Russian E-visa in addition to Mexico. It can be used to visit Russia for short-term durations. These visits can be for the purposes of tourism, humanitarian endeavors, and business trips.

Mexican travelers who would like to visit Russia for purposes other than tourism and business or those wishing to stay for long periods in Russia would need to seek a Russian visa through a Russian embassy. It is always wise to assess one’s travel needs before beginning the application process to ensure that the appropriate travel authorizations are obtained.

Can Mexican Citizens Apply for the Russian E-visa?

Mexican travelers are eligible to apply for the Russian E-visa online from their home or office.

The Russian E-visa has been designed to offer travelers from around the world an easy way to obtain a Russian visa.

It makes traveling to Russia from Mexico more secure and provides a more comfortable travel experience by eliminating or reducing the time it takes travelers to check in upon arrival.

How Long Is the Russia E-visa for Mexicans Valid for?

The Russian E-visa is valid for 30 days from the date it is approved. It will also list the maximum allowable length of stay for the traveler and the number of entries allowed. The Russian E-visa is typically valid for a maximum stay of 8 days and allows a single-entry into Russia.

Russia E-visa Requirements for Mexican Citizens

Russian visa policy states that all travelers interested in visiting Russia must obtain a valid Russian visa before arriving in the country. Nationals of many countries can obtain the Russian E-visa online, avoiding the need to go to an embassy.

There are some basic requirements for the Russia E-visa that Mexican passport holders will need to meet before applying for the Russian E-visa. Applicants should provide the following:

  • A valid Mexican passport that will not expire for at least 6 months from the date of intended arrival in the country with the Russian E-visa and at least one blank page on their passport where entry and exit stamps can be placed.
  • A current email address.
  • A passport-sized recent photograph of the traveler taken against a white background.

Mexican travelers should note that the basic application requirements are the same regardless of which area in Russia they are planning to visit. Currently, the Russian visa policy does not require travelers to upload supporting documentation as part of the Russian E-visa application process, unlike the longer process at an embassy.

Russia E-visa Types for Mexico

There are 3 types of Russian E-visa corresponding to 3 different regions of the country. Mexican nationals traveling to Russia can apply for any or all of these E-visas.

Applicants should note, however, that each type of Russian E-visa is specific to the region that the traveler will be visiting. For example, the St. Petersburg E-visa allows visitors from Mexico to enter the federal city of St. Petersburg and the surrounding Leningrad region only.

Mexican nationals who would like to visit more than one region within Russia will need to apply for a separate visa for each area they plan to visit.

The 3 different regions of Russia that travelers from Mexico can visit with a Russian E-visa are as follows:

  • St. Petersburg and Leningrad
  • Kaliningrad Oblast
  • Russian Far-East territories

Mexican visitors with more than one of the above Russian E-visas should bear in mind that they cannot use them to travel between these regions by land; instead they must fly. If a traveler wishes to enter another part of Russia (even just passing through), they should apply for the relevant visa at a Russian embassy.

For the 3 E-visa regions of Russia, Mexican travelers must enter and exit through designated air and sea ports and specific land border checkpoints. It is important, therefore, to check which ports of entry/exit can be used when making travel plans.

How to Apply for a Russian E-visa from Mexico

Applying for the Russian E-visa from Mexico is quite simple. Travelers can fill out an application from their computers, phones, tablets, or other electronic devices connected to the internet.

The entire process takes a few minutes to complete provided one meets all the basic requirements.

Mexican travelers will need to fill out personal and passport details in their Russian E-visa application, while ensuring that all the information entered on the form is accurate. Errors and inconsistencies in the data provided can cause processing delays or even denial of the visa. It is always recommended to double-check the answers on the form before submitting it.

Once the application is submitted, it usually takes 2-4 business days to process. Once the traveler’s Russian E-visa application is approved, it will be delivered to them over email.

Mexican travelers must take a printed copy of their Russian E-visa with them when they travel as it will have to be presented to Russian customs/border officials upon arrival in order to gain entry into Russia.

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Covid Update for Russian Federation

Last update: 17/11/2022

Russian electronic visas (e-Visas) are suspended. Travelers must complete an “Application Form”, which can be obtained online. This must be shown on arrival in Russia. You can also check the visa Policy of Russia to find out the requirements you need to meet in order to travel to the country.

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