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The EU Digital Passenger Locator Form for Italy is no longer a requirement to enter Italy. From May 2023, it is expected to become mandatory for visa-exempt citizens to apply for an ETIAS for Italy before traveling to the country.

Italy has introduced a EU Digital Passenger Locator Form to help protect public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. All passengers traveling to Italy from overseas must complete this health declaration form before arriving.

Failure to show a completed form on arrival may result in refused entry. 

This form allows the Italian government to trace the spread of COVID-19. It makes it easy to contact passengers if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

This page outlines what the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) for Italy is and how to complete it online.

What is the PLF for Italy?

The Passenger Locator Form is a travel health certificate introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is now an entry requirement for passengers traveling to Italy.

Most EU countries, including Italy, use the Passenger Locator Form.

Before traveling, each traveler must complete the form online with their relevant travel and health information. The form acts as a travel health certificate for each passenger.

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How Does the PLF Work?

The data collected on the PLF allows the Italian government to quickly contact each passenger if they have been in contact with a positive COVID-19 case. For example, if a passenger on a flight to Italy has tested positive for the virus, the Italian government will be able to easily contact all other passengers who may have been in close contact with them.

This is how the Passenger Locator Form is used to help control the spread of COVID-19.

The information collected on this form may also be used by public health authorities to keep track of new arrivals and ensure that they are correctly following the COVID-19 procedures, such as quarantining or testing.

Who Needs to Complete the Passenger Locator Form to Travel to Italy?

All international passengers entering Italy using any mode of transport must fill out the Italy health declaration form before entering the country.

A separate form must be completed for each adult over the age of 18 that is traveling.

Do children need to fill out the Italy travel health form?

All children need to be recorded on the Italy health declaration form.

Anyone under the age of 18 can be included on an accompanying adult’s form.

For minors traveling unaccompanied, the PLF must be completed by a parent or legal guardian before departure.

Who is exempt from completing the PLF for Italy?

  • Passengers in transit through Italy do not need to complete the travel health form, providing they do not leave the airport. If you wish to leave the airport for any reason, you must fill in the Passenger Locator Form.
  • Passengers traveling in a private vehicle who are returning from foreign locations of a maximum stay of 48 hours, and no more than 60 km away from their place of residence do not have to complete the PLF for Italy.

Italy Health Declaration Form Requirements

Before completing the Passenger Locator Form for Italy, you should check the current COVID-19 travel restrictions to be sure that you are permitted to enter the country. 

Once you are sure that you are allowed to travel to Italy and you have organized your travel, you can complete the PLF.

Before you start the process, make sure that you have:

  • A valid passport
  • An email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Confirmed travel
  • Accommodation in Italy

Following COVID-19 restrictions, in order to enter Italy passengers are also required to have one of the following:

  • Proof of vaccination
  • A negative test result
  • Recovery certificate

You will not be permitted entry into the country without a valid and completed Passenger Locator Form.

Completing the PLF for Italy Online

The Italy health declaration application form is quick and easy to complete online.

Before completing the Passenger Locator Form, passengers need to register on the system by creating a personal account. This makes it easier to access the form from any device and ensures that the details are not lost.

Once registered, they will be sent a confirmation email to validate their account. Then they can log in and complete the PLF.

You will be asked to complete the form with the following information:

  • Personal information (name, nationality, phone number, etc.)
  • Passport details
  • Address of accommodation in Italy
  • Travel details (flight number, airline, seat number, etc.)

If you are flying, it is advised to check in before completing the Passenger Locator Form so that your seat number has already been assigned.

You must also declare that you have proof of one of the following: 

  • Full vaccination against COVID-19
  • Recovery from the virus
  • Negative COVID-19 test result

Once the Italy travel health form has been completed, a PDF and QR code will be sent to your email address. You must present the QR code when boarding for your journey to Italy.

The QR code can be shown directly on your smartphone or as a printed copy, however, a smartphone is best to ensure the code is easily read when it is scanned.

Application Steps

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Travel Health Certificate FAQS

  • Does Italy require a negative COVID-19 test result?

    Italy requires a negative COVID-19 test result from all passengers that have not been vaccinated or have proof that they are recovering from the virus.

    Arrivals must have a negative molecular or antigen swab test result taken no more than 72 hours before arriving in Italy.

    Passengers arriving from the UK and Northern Ireland and British Isles must take a test no more than 48 hours before.

  • Do you have to quarantine when you arrive in Italy?

    You only have to quarantine when you arrive in Italy if you cannot show one of the following:

    • A negative swab test
    • Proof of vaccination
    • Recovery certificate

    If you fail to submit one of these documents, you must self-isolate for 5 days at the address indicated on your EU digital Passenger Locator Form. At the end of the 5 days, an antigen or molecular swab test must be carried out. In the result of a positive test result, you must self-isolate for another 5 days until you test negative.

  • Do I need to be vaccinated to travel to Italy?

    You do not need to be vaccinated to travel to Italy, but you must instead provide proof of one of the following:

    • A negative test result
    • Proof of recovery from the virus

    If you are unvaccinated and cannot show proof of one of the above, you must self-isolate for 5 days when you arrive in Italy.

  • Do I need to complete the EU Digital Passenger Locator Form for Italy?

    All international passengers arriving in Italy must complete the EU Digital Passenger Locator Form before departure.

    Failure to show a completed PLF will result in refused entry to the country.