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To gain entry to the country of Pakistan as a Canadian national you are required to follow the Pakistan eVisa requirements for Canadian citizens.

Travelers from Canada who visit Pakistan for a short stay for tourism purposes can apply for an electronic online visa, also known as Pakistan eVisa, to expedite their arrival in the country.

Application Steps for a Pakistan eVisa as a Canadian Citizen

The application process for a Pakistan eVisa from Canada is straightforward and takes just a few minutes to fill in and submit for approval. It does not require a visit to an embassy or consulate as it all takes place online.

In order to complete the application form, Canadians must do the following:

  • Provide basic personal information such as full name, date, and place of birth, and nationality
  • Submit relevant passport data such as number, expiration date, issuance date, and country
  • Double-check the information provided since any mistake could lead to a delay or rejection of the Pakistan eVisa
  • Pay the processing fee associated with the electronic visa with a debit or credit card.

Canadian nationals visiting Pakistan for purposes other than tourism, such as business, work, or study, are required to check the relevant Pakistan visa policy or visit a Pakistani consulate in Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver, or the Pakistani embassy in Ottawa.

You must submit your application form for a Pakistan eVisa at least 72 hours before you arrive in Pakistan. This allows time to process your application before you enter Pakistan.

What Is a Pakistan eVisa for Canadian Citizens

The Pakistan tourist eVisa is an electronic travel permit that allows Canadian travelers to legally visit the country.

Canadians can use the Pakistan tourist eVisa if:

  • They are traveling for tourism and/or leisure
  • Staying up to 3 months in the country*
  • Needing to enter Pakistan only once**

*All travelers, including Canadian citizens, are able to request a visa extension for a total of 6 months once in the country.

**In the specific case of Canadians, they are eligible to obtain a double-entry Pakistani eVisa.

The visa policy for Pakistan details the regulations and rules regarding the types of visas available for Canadian nationals planning to travel to Pakistan.

Travelers visiting Pakistan from Canada for reasons of business, work, or study can also apply for different types of eVisa which permit stays of various lengths of time in the country.

Pakistan eVisa Requirements for Canadian Citizens

Canadian passport holders require to abide by the following entry requirements in order to obtain a Pakistan eVisa:

  • Having a valid, up-to-date Canadian passport
  • Presenting a color, passport-style photograph of the applicant
  • Showing proof of accommodation for the entire duration of their stay in Pakistan
  • Possessing a credit or debit card to pay the Pakistan tourist visa processing fee
  • Providing a current, accessible email address where all relevant communications, including the approved visa, can be sent.

Applicants of Canada will also be required to submit details such as the passport number, issuance date, and expiry date, full name and date of birth, and certain health and security-related information. You may also be asked additional questions regarding your travel plans to Pakistan.

Canadian nationals planning to enter Pakistan are advised to consult the visa requirements for Canadian citizens before filling in and submitting the Pakistan eVisa application form.

Pakistan Tourist eVisa for Canada: Processing Time

Pakistan eVisas are usually processed in around 10 business days. This can take longer during busy travel periods, so Canadian citizens must ensure to allow enough time for processing before traveling.

The approved Pakistan tourist eVisa will be electronically linked to your Canadian passport, and a copy will be emailed to the address registered on your application.

You are required to print out a copy of the Pakistan eVisa and bring it with you to Pakistan in case officials need to inspect it.

Pakistani border officials, upon arrival, will require to see both the Canadian passport and the Pakistani tourist visa to grant entry into the country.

Travel to Pakistan from Canada

The Pakistan eVisa for Canada allows travelers to enter the country via all major ports of entry: sea, land, and air.

Visitors must arrive in the country with their current passport and the approved Pakistan eVisa in hard copy. Additional information, such as hotel booking details and proof of outward travel, could be also requested upon entry.

If the passengers’ Canadian passport is damaged, lost, or stolen before they travel to Pakistan, they will need to reapply for a new eVisa with their updated passport details.

Application Steps

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Covid Update for Pakistan

Last update: 24/11/2022

Travelers may enter Pakistan. They must have a vaccination certificate (fully vaccinated against COVID-19) or a negative PCR test result in Arabic or English. Passengers under 12 are exempt.

Country policy

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