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Australian citizens are eligible to apply for the Oman eVisa when traveling to the country for tourism or leisure.

The eVisa is part of an electronic system created by the Royal Oman Police, which allows nationals from over 70 countries, including Australia, to travel to Oman for short periods.

Travelers from Australia are among the top visitors that enter Oman every year and are eligible to obtain this online visa.

Since the eVisa application process is completely online, no appointment is needed, making the eVisa for the Sultanate of Oman the quickest and easiest way to get authorization to enter the country.

eVisa Types for Australians Visiting Oman

The visa policy for Oman details the different eVisa choices available to foreign travelers. Australian citizens can opt for one of the following eVisa options:

  • 26B eVisa – single-entry eVisa that allows a stay of up to 30 days
  • 36B eVisa – multiple-entry eVisa valid for a total of 1 year (up to 30 days per visit).

Australian visitors currently based in one of the neighboring GCC countries with a valid residence permit can also choose the 29A GCC eVisa. This is a single-entry online visa that grants a stay of up to 28 days.

It should be noted that this GCC visa to Oman is only open to qualified professionals based in these countries, who must possess a GCC Residence Card issued at least 180 days before the application.

Australian nationals seeking more permanent relocation or job-seeking opportunities should note that the eVisa options do not cover these requirements. In their case, we advise getting in touch with the Consulate of Oman in Melbourne for more suitable visa options.

Requirements for Australians Applying for the Oman eVisa

Before making any arrangements to visit Oman, we recommend reading through the visa requirements for Australian citizens. These outline the countries they can travel to and what documentation they will require to obtain a valid visa.

The Omani eVisa entry requirements are straightforward and standard for global travelers. Australian nationals must check they meet the following conditions:

  • Have an Australian passport valid for 180 days or more on their intended entry in Oman
  • Supply digital copies of their passport’s information page and personal ID photo
  • Register their eVisa petition with a frequently used email address
  • Use a bank card to pay the eVisa processing fee

Australian visitors should apply for the Oman eVisa with the same passport as they intend to visit the country with. The Oman eVisa is electronically connected to the holder’s passport.

The online visa for Oman cannot be shared with a second travel document or transferred to a new one. This is important for Australians with dual nationality or who need to replace their passport after submitting their petition.

Applicants from Australia are recommended to use an email address they frequently use to proceed with their eVisa request. They will need to confirm it by clicking on an agreement link in a confirmation email.

Application Process for the Oman eVisa for Australian Citizens

The Oman eVisa form is an online questionnaire that Australians can complete within 30 minutes. They must provide some personal information, passport details and share some specific travel plans.

To begin the electronic visa request, applicants from Australia must provide the following details and confirm their registration in an email they will receive:

  • Full name
  • Email account
  • Mobile phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Citizenship

Australian travelers must then provide their passport number, expiration date, and issuing country. They must then upload the digital copies of their passport’s information page and personal photo.

It is essential to review all the information supplied in the eVisa form since any mistakes could lead to denial of their application.

Australian groups traveling with children such as a family holiday should be aware that each visitor must reach the country with their own individual eVisa.

They can submit their children and dependents’ applications without any problems with the same email address and payment method.

Applicants from Australia finalize their eVisa form by paying the eVisa processing fee. The payment is made using a secure online platform. Most international debit and credit cards are accepted.

Processing time for the Oman eVisa for Australians

All the Oman eVisa requests are quickly analyzed so Australians can have a resolution within 24 hours.

If citizens of Australia have successfully completed their visa application form, they will receive a confirmation email with the approved visa in PDF format, which can be printed out to be shown upon arrival.

We recommend applying for the eVisa to Oman at least 3 business days before their intended arrival date to account for busy periods during tourist seasons.

Australian Arrivals to Oman with the eVisa

Australian visitors can travel to Oman by authorized ports of entry by air, land, and sea. They must ensure their arrival and departure comply with the approved dates on their eVisa.

Upon reaching the border crossing, Australians can head directly to the queues reserved for eVisa holders. This helps save time at passport controls where they will be required to submit their passport and approved eVisas for inspection before being granted entry into the country.

Please note that the eVisa for Oman cannot be extended. If any visitor from Australia needs to prolong their stay for longer than initially planned, they must request a new visa at a Royal Oman Police station.

Application Steps

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Country policy

Oman Visa Policy


Check the visa policy of Oman and discover the travel requirements for your nationality.

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