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Upon a recent visit to the Ghana Chamber of Commerce in New York, during an official visit to the US, the Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia announced several technological advances in various industries in Ghana. Among other initiatives, the government plans to implement a new e-Visa scheme, similar to those in other African nations such as Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

The Vice President indicated that 2019 would see the introduction of eVisas for travelers to Ghana. At this time, there is little information available about how the Ghana eVisa will be obtained and what travelers will need to present. However, it is clear that the Ghanaian government is aiming to boost the nation’s tourism by introducing a simpler and more efficient method to apply for the correct travel authorization to visit Ghana.

What to See and Do in Ghana

With the launch of a Ghana eVisa, the country is likely to rapidly become another of Africa’s hotspots for vacationers looking for their own African adventure.

Located in West Africa, Ghana is home to more than 100 different ethnic groups and offers an amazing selection of tourist attractions for culture hunters, history buffs, adrenaline junkies, and especially nature lovers.

Ghanaian people are well known for their welcoming attitude and the country offers a friendly environment, ideal for first-timers in Africa. Generous hospitality is simply a part of Ghana’s charm.

Accra, the nation’s capital city, simultaneously provides a mix of a bustling city center and a relaxed coastal vibe. Well worth a visit to sample some of Ghana’s cuisine, take in the cultural sites, spend the night dancing away to live djembe drums, or escape the city if you’re looking for some incredible natural sites.

Ghana is home to rich flora and fauna, especially the famous National Parks dotted throughout the country. Visit Mole National Park to witness open Savannah woodlands or Kakum National Park to catch a glimpse of some rare wildlife in their natural habitat.

New Ghana visa online

Business-Friendly Ghana

During his visit to the New York Ghana Chamber of Commerce, the Vice President not only mentioned the introduction of the eVisa to facilitate travel for eligible tourists. He also emphasized the government’s focus on creating a business-friendly country where technology would thrive to help improve investments in Ghanaian business.

Dr Bawumia was optimistic in his speech concerning the country’s improved economy and motivated his listeners to invest in Ghana. He made reference to several technological developments, including the Mobile Money Interoperability system, which has facilitated digital payments, and a mobile app which has simplified business transactions at Ghanaian ports.

Ghana eVisa Requirements

Whether you decide to visit Ghana for tourism, business, or other reasons, remember it will soon be necessary to apply for an online eVisa for Ghana. Travelers will have to check whether their home country is on the list of eligible nationalities for an online visa and proceed to follow the steps that will be established by the Ghanaian government as the eVisa scheme is developed.

Similarly to other nations around the world where eVisa processes have been developed, the Ghana eVisa is likely to speed up the visa application procedure and improve the situation for both Borders Authorities and foreign travelers to the country.

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