Israel to Launch eVisa System

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Israel has announced that it has approved plans to introduce a new electronic visa (eVisa). An online platform for making visa applications will be developed to receive advance passenger information and process travel authorization requests for foreign visitors to the country.

The Israel eVisa will provide an easier and more convenient method of gaining permission to travel to the Middle-Eastern state.

The proposal to create an eVisa for Israel was submitted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of the Interior Arieh Dery. It has now been greenlit by the Israeli government, with the aim of launching the online visa application system by spring 2022.

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What Is the new Electronic Visa for Israel?

Electronic visas, better known as eVisas, are online systems that allow foreign nationals to apply for authorization to enter a country without having to go in person to an embassy.

Many destinations have introduced eVisa platforms as part of a plan to develop their tourism sectors by making it easier for foreigners to visit. Israel is now planning to launch an online system of its own.

On Monday, October 19, 2020, the Israeli government announced “the establishment of a comprehensive system for receiving advance passenger information, processing electronic visa applications, and pre-registering foreign arrivals in Israel.”

The Population and Immigration Authority will be tasked with creating and implementing the new eVisa system for Israel.

Who Will Need an Israel eVisa?

As the eVisa for Israel has only just been announced, it is unknown exactly which nationalities will have to obtain one when the system is launched.

However, it is believed that international travelers who are not visa-exempt will have to apply for a visa online.

The news of the eVisa comes at the same time as a deal between Israel and the UAE, which grants Emiratis exemption from any visa requirements. Presumably, this will also apply to the eVisa system.

It is not clear whether visa-exempt travelers will be required to complete any kind of registration to authorize their entry to the country. More information will likely be released in the future regarding this. Anyone planning a trip to Israel from 2022 should check global visa news to be sure that they meet the visa requirements for entry.

Benefits of the Israel eVisa

The new electronic visa for Israel will be beneficial for both applicants and for Israeli authorities.

The aims of the upcoming Israel eVisa are to do the following:

  • Strengthen border controls and security
  • Facilitate visa applications with a more streamlined and accessible process
  • Encourage tourism

By requiring foreign nationals to pre-register before traveling to the country, it makes it easier for Israeli authorities to screen for security risks. This will help to prevent cross-border crime, illegal immigration, and terrorism.

The online Israel eVisa platform will allow international travelers the convenience of applying from their own homes, offices, or anywhere with an internet connection. This will avoid the need to go to an embassy and go through the lengthier process of applying for a visa for Israel in person.

It is hoped that the ease of applying for the eVisa will encourage more foreign tourists to visit Israel on vacation.

According to Israeli authorities, the new eVisa system will be “a global revolution in terms of border control, the control of those entering Israel and the service provided to travelers in all its nuances.”