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Citizens of Canada are eligible to apply for the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) to gain permission to travel to the island country. In order to register with this system, they must meet the NZeTA requirements for Canadians.

Canada is on New Zealand’s visa waiver list. This means that Canadian nationals may visit without an NZ visa and stay for up to 3 months.

To enter New Zealand visa-free, Canadians must register their details with the Electronic Travel Authority (eTA).

The NZeTA application for Canadian citizens is straightforward and quick to complete. Applicants from Canada must meet certain requirements to have their New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority approved.

What Is an NZeTA for Canadian Citizens and What Does It Do?

The NZeTA for Canadian citizens is a digital visa waiver system that permits holders to travel to New Zealand without having to apply for a visa.

NZeTA stands for New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority. The system was launched in 2019 for travelers from all visa waiver countries, including Canada.

Canadian nationals can use the NZeTA to visit New Zealand multiple times during the 2 years of its validity.

Upon entering New Zealand with the eTA, visitors from Canada can stay for a maximum of 3 months per visit.

The NZeTA for Canadians can only be used for visits of the following purposes:

  • Tourism/leisure
  • Business
  • Transit

Citizens of Canada cannot relocate to New Zealand or undertake paid work in the country with the NZeTA. Instead, the relevant visas and permits must be obtained from a New Zealand embassy or consulate.

Is an NZeTA Obligatory for Canadian Citizens?

Canadian nationals are required to have an NZeTA in order to travel to New Zealand without a visa for touristic and business purposes.

The Electronic Travel Authority is also mandatory for Canadians to transit through the country en route to another destination.

The NZeTA is not obligatory for citizens of Canada who are moving to New Zealand or are seeking permission to work legally in the country. Instead, individuals in these situations must apply for a residence visa and/or work visa.

In addition, if a Canadian visitor wishes to stay for longer than 3 months without leaving the country, they will require a New Zealand visa instead of the eTA.

How Can I Apply for the New Zealand eTA from Canada?

Canadian nationals can obtain the NZeTA by completing a quick online application form. This takes a few minutes to complete and is straightforward and user-friendly.

Applicants are required to enter the following data:

  • Basic personal information
  • Passport details
  • Contact telephone number and email address

Travelers from Canada must also answer some security-related questions about their travel history and health.

Canadian applicants should ensure that all the information entered into the online form is correct and accurate. Even small mistakes could lead to delays or even rejection of the NZeTA. It is a good idea to double-check all answers before submitting the application.

NZeTA Requirements for Canadian Citizens to Travel to New Zealand

Travelers from Canada must meet several requirements in order to obtain a New Zealand eTA.

Each visit must be no longer than 3 months and must be for one of the purposes described above.

Documents required for the NZeTA for Canadian Citizens application include:

  • Valid Canadian passport that will not expire for at least 2 months after arriving in NZ
  • Active email address to which the eTA will be sent
  • Method of payment (credit or debit card) to cover the fee
  • Photograph of the Canadian applicant

The passport registered in the NZeTA application form must be presented when entering New Zealand.

If the passport used to apply is lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise made invalid, it will be necessary to apply for a new eTA for New Zealand with the new Canadian passport.

How Will I Receive my NZeTA in Canada?

A Canadian citizen who has successfully applied for a New Zealand eTA will receive it by email.

The confirmed NZeTA will be sent to the same email address the Canadian traveler entered into the online application form. The email will be received within a few business days of applying. Once it is issued, the Electronic Travel Authority will be valid for 2 years from that date (or until the passport expires, whichever comes first).

A copy should be printed to present at New Zealand border control if asked. The eTA is also electronically linked to the traveler’s passport.

NZeTA Benefits for Canadians

Canadian citizens enjoy several benefits by traveling with the NZeTA.

The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority is much quicker and easier to obtain than a traditional New Zealand visa thanks to the streamlined online system.

Because applications are done online, Canadian travelers do not have to go to a New Zealand embassy or consulate to apply, as with a visa.

The NZeTA system improves security both for the country and for international visitors by allowing New Zealand authorities to screen all travelers before they arrive. This helps to prevent security risks and makes traveling to the country safer than ever for Canadian nationals.

Application Steps

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