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The Malaysian eVisa for Indian citizens is a travel document offered to Indian travelers who wish to visit Malaysia on short trips for the purposes of tourism.

This tourist visa, commonly known as Malaysia’s online visa, was introduced by the country’s Immigration Department as a way to make it easier for Indian tourists to come to Malaysia.

Do I Need an eVisa to Travel from India to Malaysia?

Indians visiting Malaysia for tourism purposes should obtain the Malaysian eVisa from India before they travel.

It is worth mentioning that India is the one country eligible to obtain both a single-entry and a multiple-entry to Malaysia.

If Indians wish to apply for a single-entry Malaysian visa, they can stay up to 30 consecutives days in the country. If they choose the multiple-entry version, they can enter and leave the country as many times as they wish during a 90-day period.

However, Malaysian visa policy states that Indian citizens wishing to visit Malaysia for reasons different that tourism, and with diferent lengths of stays offered by the single-entry and multiple-entry visas, should visit their nearest Malaysian embassy or consulate to apply for the correct visa for their trip.

Malaysian Tourist Visa: Entry Requirements for Indians

As part of visa requirements for Indians, those applying for the Malaysian tourist visa from India must provide the following items:

  • Indian passport, valid for at least 6 months from submission date of visa application
  • Copy of the passport’s biographical details page
  • Recent photograph of the Indian applicant that meets passport standards
  • Valid debit or credit card (required to pay the online visa application fee)
  • Proof of accommodation while in Malaysia & return transportation to India (or onward transportation to a third country) such as flight or train tickets, boat reservations, etc.
  • Birth certificate (for visa applicants who are under 12 years of age).

Citizens of India should also have a valid, accessible email address to receive further notifications and the approved Malaysian eVisa.

Malaysia Online Visa for Indian Citizens: Application Process

Applying for the Malaysia visa from India is a quick and easy process. The application can be completed entirely online, which means applicants do not need to visit a Malaysian embassy or consulate in person in order to obtain their visa.

Once applicants have gathered the necessary documentation, the process consists of three (3) steps:

  • Complete an online Malaysian eVisa application form, providing basic passport information and some personal details
  • Submit the required documentation stated above
  • Pay the Malaysian eVisa application processing fee

Once they have completed these steps, applicants of India can should wait until they receive more information via email.

What if I make a mistake when applying for the Malaysian eVisa from India?

All those applying for an eVisa to Malaysia on an Indian passport are advised to carefully review the information they provide on their application before submitting the form.

This is because mistakes or missing information may lead to the eVisa application being rejected.

If this occurs, however, travelers of India may simply submit a new Malaysian online visa application containing the correct information, which will be processed in exactly the same way.

How is the Malaysia online visa for Indians delivered?

Usually, the processing time for a Malaysia tourist visa application from India is one (1) business day, though processing can also take up to three (3) business days.

Once the application has been successfully approved, Indian travelers to Malaysia will receive their Malaysian eVisa via email.

It is recommended that Indian travelers apply at least four (4) business days in advance of their departure date, in order to leave sufficient time for the application to be processed.

Once approved, the Malaysia eVisa for Indians is valid for entry into Malaysia for 90 days and can be used as soon as it is received.

Documents Required for Border Crossing on the Indian Citizen eVisa Malaysia

Once the eVisa Malaysia for Indian citizens has been received in electronic format, it should be printed in hard copy and presented together with the holder’s passport when entering Malaysia.

Indian travelers should note that the passport used to travel must be the same passport that was used to complete the Malaysia eVisa application.

Alongside these documents, Indian citizens entering Malaysia on the eVisa should also present proof of accommodation and return/onward transportation for their stay, as well as proof of sufficient funds to cover their time in Malaysia (cash, card, travelers cheques, or other funds).

Please note that Indians can only use the Malaysia electronic visa when entering via air. The online visa is not valid for sea crossings. If you are thinking on entering via a land crossing, you will also be required to present a cover letter of your trip.

What if My Malaysian eVisa for Indian Citizens Expires?

Once a Malaysia eVisa for citizens of India has expired, it cannot be renewed. However, Indian holders of expired eVisas may simply apply for a new Malaysian tourist visa using the same online portal, where they will be asked to provide the same documentation as before.

Indian travelers wishing to switch to a different Malaysian visa type should contact a consulate or embassy of Malaysia to apply for their new document.

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Covid Update for Malaysia

Last update: 24/11/2022

Malaysia has now removed all COVID-19 travel restrictions.

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