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Since January 2016, the Malaysian government has offered citizens of China the possibility to get a Malaysia eVisa when traveling to the country.

Chinese citizens are eligible to apply for this visa if they intend to visit Malaysia for tourism. They may complete the application online, which means that they do not have to visit a Malaysian embassy or consulate in-person before they travel.

What is the Malaysian Tourist Visa for Chinese Passport Holders?

The Malaysian tourist visa for Chinese passport holders is a travel document that allows Chinese citizens to visit Malaysia for a period of up to 30 days.

It is a single-entry visa and can be used to enter and exit Malaysia once through any of the country’s points of entry. This new Malaysian visa policy was introduced by the Malaysian Immigration Department in 2016 in order to make it easier for Chinese tourists to visit Malaysia.

How long is the eVisa Malaysia valid for from China?

The Malaysia eVisa for Chinese passport holders remains valid for 90 days from the date of approval, and the holder can choose to spend up to 30 consecutive days in Malaysia at any point within this time period.

The electronic visa to access Malaysia cannot be extended by Chinese citizens.

The Malaysia tourist visa is distinct from the eNTRI visa, which permits Chinese citizens visiting Malaysia a maximum stay of 15 days.

Malaysia’s eVisa Requirements for China

To fulfil the Malaysia eVisa requirements for Chinese citizens, applicants will need to possess the following documents:

  • Chinese passport with an expiry date of at least 6 months from the date of application
  • Copy of the biographical page of the same passport
  • Recent passport-size photograph of applicant
  • Valid payment method for eVisa application fee (e.g., debit or credit card)
  • Proof of accommodation arrangements in Malaysia
  • Proof of return travel to China (or onward travel to a third country)
  • Birth certificate (if applicant is under 12 years of age)

Chinese citizens wishing to spend more than 30 consecutive days inside the territory of Malaysia should visit their closest Malaysian embassy or consulate to learn more about which visa they should apply for.

This also applies to Chinese travelers requiring a multi-entry visa for Malaysia, as well as for anyone traveling for purposes other than tourism.

Application Process for the Malaysia Tourist Visa from China

Once Chinese travelers to Malaysia have gathered the documents necessary to apply for the Malaysia eVisa, the application process is quick. Applicants must simply do the following:

  • Provide some basic personal details and passport information
  • Submit supporting documentation
  • Pay the Malaysia electronic visa processing fee

Chinese citizens can apply for the Malaysia tourist visa entirely online, and their approved visa document will be delivered to them via email in PDF format.

To ensure successful processing of their application, applicants of China for the eVisa for Malaysia are advised to carefully review the information they provide on their application before submission, in order to eliminate any mistakes.

When will I receive the Malaysia eVisa for Chinese citizens?

Once the application for a Malaysian eVisa from China has been successfully submitted, the standard application processing time is one (1) business day, though processing may sometimes take up to three (3) business days.

Visitors are encouraged to place their visa applicants well ahead to avoid any unforeseen delays or denials in case there are any errors o inaccuracies in the information provided.

Which Documents Should I Carry When Traveling from China to Malaysia on an eVisa?

Once the Malaysia electronic tourist visa has been received, travelers should print a physical copy of the document and carry it with their Chinese passport when entering Malaysia. These two travel documents will be required by border authorities on arrival.

In addition, Chinese tourists traveling to Malaysia should also bring the following:

  • Confirmed tickets for return/onward transportation
  • Proof of accommodation in Malaysia
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the entire stay in Malaysia (cash, card, travelers cheques, etc.)

This extra information could be asked by immigration officials if they need to double-check their validity.

Malaysian Tourist eVisa Benefits for Chinese Citizens

Because the eVisa Malaysia application process can be completed entirely online, it is quicker and more convenient than a traditional visa application.

With Malaysia’s eVisa, Chinese visitors:

  • Avoid visits and appointments to diplomatic missions
  • Can receive their travel permit via email
  • Only need to submit digital copies via an electronic form
  • Can get their Chinese passport digitally linked to the eVisa

While it is not possible to extend or renew an eVisa Malaysia for Chinese passport holders, Chinese travelers with an expired eVisa can directly apply for a new one through the same online process.

Application Steps

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Covid Update for Malaysia

Last update: 10/01/2022

Only the following can enter Malaysia: Malaysian nationals and permanent residents, passengers with a Long Term Visit Pass, arrivals from Singapore under the Vaccinated Travel Lanes scheme, diplomatic passport holders, travelers with a MyTravelPass (MTP), students with written approval from Malaysian immigration, passengers traveling to Langkawi under the Langkawi Travel Bubble, passengers with an Entry Permission Approval. Passengers are required to have a negative RT-PCR test result from within 2 days before departure. Passengers arriving from Singapore or traveling to Langkawi under the approved schemes, and passengers with an Entry Permission Approval must also have a vaccine certificate showing they are fully vaccinated, and a travel insurance policy covering MYR 100,000. Passengers traveling to Langkawi must also have a travel package from a licensed agency. All passengers are subject to a PCR test on arrival at their own expense, medical screening, and quarantine for 7, 10 or 14 days. There are some exceptions, depending on where you are traveling from and to. All travelers are obliged to install the “MySejahtera app” on their mobile device and complete the health declaration at least 24 hours before departing. Passengers traveling to the state of Sarawak must fill in an “enterSarawak” form and an “eHealth Declaration Form” online before departure. The maximum transit time through Kuala Lumpur (KUL) is currently 24 hours (usually it is 48 hours).

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