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The Government of Laos introduced an online visa to facilitate obtaining a valid travel permit to visit their country. Britons are amongst the top visitors in Laos and can use the eVisa for touristic and cultural visits.

Travelers from the UK can apply for the Laos eVisa without needing to schedule an appointment at an embassy or consular office. The process is swift and convenient and can usually be completed within 20 minutes.

What is the Laos eVisa for British Nationals? Main Features

The Laotian visa policy publishes the nationalities eligible to visit their country with an electronic visa and the requirements they must meet to obtain one successfully. Britons can use the eVisa if their travel plans meet the following criteria:

  • Their trip will be for tourism and recreational purposes
  • They will only require a single entry
  • Their stay in Laos will not exceed 30 days

Upon issuance, the eVisa is valid for entry in Laos for 60 days. After this period, if British citizens have not used their granted electronic visa, it will no longer be valid and they will need to apply for a new one.

UK passport holders should take into consideration that if they plan to visit Laos for other motives, such as professional or academic relocations, the eVisa is not suitable for these purposes. In their situation, we recommend scheduling an appointment at the Embassy of Laos in London for more suited visa options.

Requirements for the Laos eVisa for Britons

Before proceeding to the eVisa application form, we recommend reading through the visa requirements for British citizens. Here they will find which countries they can visit with an online visa and the activities they can carry out.

The eVisa for Laos has standard conditions for international travel that applicants from the UK will find easy to meet. They must make sure they comply with having the following documents and information:

  • Have a British passport with a validity of 180 days on their intended arrival date in Laos
  • Ensure their passport includes 2 blank pages for entry and exit stamps
  • Provide a digital copy of their passport’s cover and informational pages
  • Share an electronic copy of an ID photo (4×6 cm)
  • Use a bank card to pay the eVisa processing fee (credit or debit card)
  • Register their Laos eVisa application with a frequently accessed email account

Since the process for the Laos eVisa application is digital, we recommend British travelers use an email account that is frequently accessed and ensure the debit or credit card they will use is activated for online payments.

It is useful to carry some additional information such as their accommodation details and proof of sufficient funds to cover their holiday.

Application Steps for a Laos eVisa as an British Citizen

The eVisa application system can be completed by accessing an online visa form, which includes a questionnaire with standard questions.

The Laos electronic visa application form usually takes 20 minutes to complete. Britons will be required to supply the following personal information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Email account
  • Telephone number

They will then proceed to share their passport details (issuing country, documentation number, and expiry date). It is very important to review their answers for accuracy. Any mistakes or missing information could lead to a denial of their application.

British nationals complete their eVisa form by paying the Laos visa processing fee. The payment is carried out by a secure digital platform, and most international bank cards are accepted.

Laos eVisa petitions for underage travelers from Britain

Tourists from the UK planning to visit Laos with their children should consider that each arrival must arrive in the country with an eVisa previously granted.

They can submit their British dependents’ forms without any problems using the same email address and payment method.

Processing Times for the Laos eVisa Applications from British Citizens

The government of Laos evaluates all the eVisa forms submitted by UK travelers. If the forms have been correctly filled in and all the travel requirements are met, Britons will receive an approval notification by email within 24 business hours.

We recommend applying at least 3 business days before their trip to account for peaks in demand during touristic seasons.

The eVisa to enter Laos will automatically be linked to the UK holder’s passport. British visitors must remember to enter Laos with the same passport they used during their petition.

We recommend printing out a copy of their approval email before their departure.

Tourists from the UK Visiting Laos with the eVisa

Citizens from the United Kingdom can depart for Laos with the eVisa approved. If they plan to fly to the country, they must note the eVisa is only valid at the following international airports:

  • Luang Prabang International Airport
  • Pakse International Airport
  • Wattay International Airport

UK travelers entering Laos by road should plan their route by authorized border crossings at Boten International Checkpoint and Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge.

Upon their arrival, they can go straight to the passport controls for eVisa holders, where they will submit their UK passport and approval letter for inspection before being allowed to enter the country.

Validity of the Laos electronic visa for British citizens

Britons must not overstay their granted 30 days in Laos, which is the maximum allowed stay in the country with an electronic visa.

Nevertheless, if they need to prolong their visit, they can request an extension to their eVisa at the Immigration Office in the country’s capital (Vientiane) or authorized travel agencies.

Application Steps

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Covid Update for Laos

Last update: 24/11/2022

Passengers arriving in Laos must have either a COVID-19 vaccination certificate (fully vaccinated) or a negative rapid antigen test result from within 48 hours before departure.

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