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Eritrean citizens can get a visa for Ethiopia through a quick and simple online application. This Electronic Visa (eVisa) is designed to make it easier than ever to travel to Ethiopia from Eritrea.

Since 2017, the citizens of 230 countries, including Eritrea, can apply online for an Ethiopian tourist visa. Requesting an electronic visa means that travelers who want to visit Ethiopia for tourism no longer need to visit the Ethiopian embassy and apply for a visa in person.

Further details for Eritrean nationals and their eligibility to apply online for the Ethiopia eVisa and other alternatives are detailed in Ethiopia’s visa policy.

Do Eritreans Need an Ethiopia Visa? 

Yes, if you are an Eritrean passport holder, you will require a visa to travel to Ethiopia.

Getting an Ethiopia tourist visa for Eritreans is very easy. Simply complete a quick online form and you will receive an eVisa by email.

The Ethiopia eVisa system is designed to be the most convenient way for foreign visitors to authorize their trip. The quick online application means there is no need to waste time going all the way to a diplomatic mission.

Eritrean nationals with an Ethiopia eVisa can use it to travel for tourism, relaxation, or leisure. To enter the country for business, study, medical reasons, and/or residency, visit your nearest Ethiopian consulate or embassy.

What Is the Ethiopia eVisa for Eritrean Citizens?

The Ethiopia eVisa for citizens of Eritrea is a single-entry tourist visa. It is available to Eritrean passport holders traveling for tourism.

The whole application process is done entirely online. You only need a computer or device to get your Ethiopia visa for Eritreans.

Applicants from Eritrea simply need to ensure they have a stable internet connection, fill out the application form, and submit it. The questionnaire is quick and simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

The Ethiopian authorities then evaluate the information received and send a reply with the approved eVisa as a PDF to their email address.

There are two types of eVisas available for Eritrean visitors. Depending on their travel plans, Eritrean tourists can either apply for a 30-day or 90-day eVisa.

Ethiopia eVisa Requirements for Eritreans

Eriteans must meet a few simple requirements for the Ethiopian eVisa and make sure there are no missing gaps or documents in their profile before applying. Eritrean nationals must ensure they have the following documents and items ready:

  • Eritrean passport with at least 6 months’ validity from the date of arrival in Ethiopia
  • Passport-style photograph of the applicant
  • Digital image of the biographical page of their passport
  • Debit or credit card to pay the Ethiopia eVisa processing fee
  • Active email address

The Eritrean passport must be valid for at least 6 months before the intended date they arrive in Ethiopia. Candidates whose travel document is due to expire sooner are obliged to renew it before applying.

To cover the small Ethiopia eVisa processing fee, Eritreans should use a debit or credit card with sufficient funds and activated for online transactions.

The approved eVisa for Ethiopia will be delivered by email to the account you provide on the application.

How Can Eritrean Nationals Apply for a Ethiopia eVisa?

Eritrean citizens can get their visa by filling in the quick Ethiopia eVisa online form and submitting their application.

To apply for an Ethiopia visa online for Eritrean citizen, you must enter the required information into the relevant fields of the form. This includes the following details:

  • Travel details
  • Basic personal information (name, nationality, etc.)
  • Eritrean passport details

Eritrean candidates filling out the application form must take special care and double-check their answers before finally submitting them. If there is any mismatch between their answers and the information published on their passport or any typos, their approval could be delayed or denied.

The Ethiopia eVisa is automatically and electronically linked to the Eritrean visitor’s passport. We also recommend that the Eritrean citizens print out a copy of the eVisa or store it on their smartphone in case officials in Ethiopia ask to see it.

Do Eritrean children need to apply for an Ethiopian eVisa? 

Eritreans planning a family holiday in Ethiopia should apply individually for each traveler, regardless of their age.

All arrivals, including minors, are obliged to have an approved eVisa when they arrive in Ethiopia.

How long does it take to get an Ethiopian visa from Eritrea? 

Once submitted, the Ethiopia eVisa is processed quickly, usually within 2 business days, and often within 24 hours. If candidates have not received a reply after 3 working days, we suggest checking their spam folder.

Ethiopia eVisa Travel Information for Eritrea Passport Holders

The tourist eVisa to Ethiopia authorizes Eritreans to enter Ethiopia via air only. It is important to note that the only airport they can fly to with the eVisa is Bole International Airport in its capital, Addis Ababa. It does not grant entry to the country through any land border or any other airport.

Eritrean travelers should bear in mind that if their passport is lost, stolen, or damaged between the moment of approval and the date of their intended arrival, they must apply for a new eVisa. The Ethiopia eVisa is electronically linked to the Eritrean passport registered in the application and is not transferable to a new one.

On the same note, Eritrean citizens with dual nationalities should also take care that they travel with the same passport as they used to apply for the eVisa.

Travelers should bear in mind that the eVisa is a single-entry visa. Eritrean visitors who want to cross the border in the middle of their trip must apply for a new eVisa before re-entering Ethiopia. This is quick and easy to do online.

Application Steps

Complete online application
Confirm Payment
Receive approved Visa

Country policy

Ethiopia Visa Policy


Learn about the visa policy of Ethiopia and discover the travel requirements for your nationality.

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