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The Ethiopia eVisa for British passport holders is an online visa that allows citizens of the United Kingdom to travel to Ethiopia.

The eVisa system provides a quick and convenient way for UK citizens to get a visa to visit Ethiopia. Simply complete the short online form and receive the Ethiopian eVisa by email.

All British nationals traveling to Ethiopia will need to meet the electronic visa requirements to enter the country.

Do Brits Need a Visa for Ethiopia?

Yes, citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland must have a valid visa to enter Ethiopia.

British citizens visiting Ethiopia for tourism and leisure can get their tourist visa online thanks to the handy eVisa system.

Since 2017, the citizens of 230 countries, including the UK, can apply for an electronic visa to Ethiopia online. This digital visa system speeds up the process of applying for, and receiving, an Ethiopia visa. It also avoids having to wait in time-consuming queues on arrival in the country.

If the United Kingdom passport holder wishes to visit Ethiopia for reasons other than tourism, for example to conduct business, for medical reasons, to study, or relocate to the country, they must contact their nearest Ethiopian embassy or consulate where they can apply for other types of visas.

What Is the Ethiopia eVisa for British Citizens?

The Ethiopia electronic visa (eVisa) for UK citizens is a digital visa obtained online. It allows Brits to get a visa for Ethiopia from the comfort of their own home.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries included in the list of 230 countries whose citizens can apply online for an electronic Ethiopia visa in advance of travel to the country.

The application process is quick and easy and takes place entirely online, meaning that visitors from the UK will avoid visits to Ethiopian embassies or consulates as part of the eVisa application process.

The terms of the Ethiopia eVisa for UK citizens are as follows:

  • Allows the holder to enter Ethiopia for purposes of tourism
  • Valid for either a 30-day stay or 90-day stay, depending on the applicant’s selection
  • Single-entry

To return to Ethiopia in the future, the British citizen will be required to simply reapply for an eVisa before being permitted entry back into the country.

Once approved, the Ethiopia eVisa is linked to the holder’s UK passport, meaning that travelers will need their passport details when applying for the eVisa. If the passport used in the application is lost or stolen before entering Ethiopia, the visitor will be required to reapply for a new eVisa as it will need to be registered to the replacement British passport.

Requirements to Apply for the Ethiopia eVisa for British Passport Holders

British citizens planning to apply for an Ethiopia eVisa will find the process easy and quick to complete and the form straightforward to fill out. Certain documents are required when submitting an online application.

Travelers from the United Kingdom should read the application form and requirements according to Ethiopia’s visa policy carefully to avoid inputting any mistakes or false information, as this could delay approval or even result in a failed application.

The list of documents and information citizens of the UK will require to successfully fill out and submit your application includes:

  • A British passport with at least 6 months’ validity
  • A digital scan or picture of the biographical page of the applicant’s UK passport
  • A passport-style photograph of the applicant
  • A valid credit card or debit card to pay the visa processing fee
  • An email address — this is where the final approved Ethiopia eVisa will be sent

In addition to this, the applicant will be required to answer certain questions regarding their personal details and travel to Ethiopia, such as dates of travel and flight details in and out of Ethiopia.

How much is an Ethiopian visa from the UK?

Applying online for an Ethiopian visa for British travelers is easy and affordable compared to embassy visa prices.

The Ethiopia eVisa cost includes a government charge and a processing fee. The total fee depends on whether you choose a 30-day or 90-day visa.

The fee must be paid during the online application process. You will be prompted to enter your card details at the appropriate time. All transactions are protected by secure servers.

Once the eVisa fee is paid, the British applicant will receive their visa for Ethiopia by email within 2 working days.

Travel to Ethiopia from the United Kingdom

After submitting an application, the Ethiopia eVisa for UK citizens is usually processed within 3 working days. Be aware that it may take longer during busy periods.

Once you have received your approved Ethiopia eVisa via email, it is recommended that you store a copy of it to your phone or print out a physical copy and take it with you on your trip.  This is in case any officials wish to inspect it during your travels around the country.

The tourist eVisa for British visitors permits entry to Ethiopia via one airport only. No other ports of entry, such as land borders or sea ports, are authorized except for Bole International Airport, in Addis Ababa.

Application Steps

Complete online application
Confirm Payment
Receive approved Visa

Country policy

Ethiopia Visa Policy


Learn about the visa policy of Ethiopia and discover the travel requirements for your nationality.

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