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If you are traveling to Ethiopia from the United States and hold a US passport, you will require a visa to enter Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a popular international tourist destination, and the USA is one of 230 countries eligible to apply for an online visa. The Ethiopian government introduced the Ethiopia eVisa in 2017 to facilitate requesting a travel permit for American citizens planning a trip to Ethiopia.

The Ethiopia visa requirements for American citizens are straightforward and time-saving. The US applicants receive their visas electronically before they travel to the country, removing the need to visit an embassy or queue on arrival in Ethiopia, thereby simplifying the application process.

The Ethiopia eVisa makes arrival in the country more comfortable for US passengers. They will simply be required to head straight to the eVisa fast track counter at the airport’s passport control.

What is an Ethiopia eVisa for American Nationals?

The Ethiopia eVisa for United States passport holders is a single-entry electronic visa.
The eVisa grants US visitors entry to Ethiopia for either 30 or 90 days. US nationals should note that the Ethiopia eVisa is valid purely for tourism.

If American citizens are interested in traveling to Ethiopia for business or other reasons, they should contact their nearest Ethiopian embassy or consulate in the US to enquire which travel document is best suited for them.

As mentioned above, the approved Ethiopia eVisa for US citizens is valid for a single entry only. If the holder wishes to re-enter Ethiopia after leaving, they must apply for another eVisa.

US Citizens who want to extend their eVisa can request a 30-day extension at the Head Office of the Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs in Addis Ababa. They will have to apply in person and pay a mandatory extension fee.

Travel to Ethiopia from the United States

Once granted, the Ethiopia eVisa allows US travelers to enter the country at Bole International Airport, located in Addis Ababa, the country’s capital.

Bole International Airport is the only authorized port of entry to Ethiopia with an eVisa. As mentioned earlier, US citizens arriving with an eVisa can go straight to the eVisa fast track counter at Bole International upon arrival.

Documents Required for an Ethiopia eVisa for United States Citizens

If you are thinking of applying for an Ethiopia eVisa from the United States, you must make sure to read the requirements for US nationals when filling out and submitting the forms.

The Ethiopian government recommends US applicants to have all of the necessary documents and supplementary information before requesting the Ethiopia eVisa.

The documents and information you will require includes:

  • A valid United States passport with at least 6 months’ validity from the date of entry
  • A photograph of the applicant, passport-style
  • A digital image of the passport’s biographical page
  • A credit or debit card with which to pay the visa processing fee
  • An email address which will be used for all communication and the sending of the approved Ethiopia eVisa

Additionally, applicants will answer questions about their travel plans, such as their intended entry date to Ethiopia.

How Will I Receive My Ethiopia eVisa from the United States?

Once you have sent your application for an Ethiopia eVisa, you will receive a response between 24 and 72 hours. Please note that this can take slightly longer during busy periods, so it is best to apply at least a week in advance of your intended travel date.

The Ethiopian authorities will send the approved Ethiopia eVisa to the email you used during your registration. We recommend US visitors print out a copy of the eVisa or store a copy on their phone to present to border officials on arrival.

Additional information for the Ethiopia eVisa for US citizens

The tourist visa policy for Ethiopia offers detailed information for Americans and all of the visa options they have to travel to Ethiopia. However, despite there are other options such as a visa on arrival or an embassy visa, the eVisa option is the most convenient application process for US citizens,

Obtaining an Ethiopian visa on arrival for US nationals involves waiting in long queues at the airport’s passport control. They will also have to carry all of their official documentation plus the amount of money in cash required to pay the visa processing fees.

Lastly, there is also a risk that the Ethiopian authorities may deny the visa on arrival to applicants, forcing them to return to the US on the first available flight.

US travelers with dual citizenship should bear in mind that the eVisa is not transferable to another passport. Therefore, they should remember to use the same travel document for the application as the one they will use while visiting Ethiopia.

For the same reason, if a US citizen’s passport is lost or stolen before traveling to Ethiopia, they will be required to apply for a new Ethiopia eVisa using their newly issued passport.

Application Steps

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Learn about the visa policy of Ethiopia and discover the travel requirements for your nationality.

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