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Canada eTA Requirements for Italian Citizens

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Italian citizens are eligible to obtain the Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The Canadian government introduced this online travel permit in 2015 to facilitate short-term visits from international travelers. Italian passport holders traveling to Canada can enter with an approved eTA without needing to apply for a standard visa at an embassy or consular office.

The Canadian visa policy specifies the types of travel permits available to Italian nationals. The Canadian eTA is an online multiple-entry authorization. It is valid for 5 years and allows Italian visitors to stay for 6 months during each visit.

This online travel permit is electronically linked to the travelers’ passport and is not transferable to a new document. This means that if a passport expires before the 5-year validity of the Canadian eTA, then this travel permit expires as well. The Canadian eTA is available at a very competitive price of 19 American dollars. The cost includes the official government rate of US$ 6.00 (7 Canadian dollars) plus a service fee of $ 13.00.

Canada eTA Requirements for Italian Citizens

Before beginning the online Canada eTA application, Italian citizens must check the travel requirements for Italians. They must confirm they have all the relevant information and documents required beforehand. These are listed below:

  • Have a biometric passport
  • Use a frequently used email address
  • Possess a debit or credit card

The biometric (also known as electronic) passport is a secure travel document. It grants authorization to enter Canada. It facilitates arrival with reduced queues at border controls Italians with an electronic passport must confirm that it will be valid during their visit in Canada.

They must also ensure that the email address they submit is one they frequently use. All communications, including the confirmation of the issuance of the eTA, will be sent by email. Lastly, Italian applicants must confirm they use a debit or credit card previously authorized for online payments.

Italians traveling to Canada for reasons other than business or tourism, such as completing academic studies or full-time job seeking, should note the Canadian eTA does not cover these activities. They should schedule an appointment at the Canadian embassy in Rome or the consulate in Milan to inquire about other visa types.

Canada eTA Application Form for Italian Citizens

Italians who meet the requirements for the Canadian eTA can proceed to the application process. The form is an online questionnaire that they can complete in 15 to 20 minutes. Applicants will have to submit the following personal and passport information:

  • Full name
  • Country of birth
  • City of birth
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Current occupation
  • Email id
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiration date
  • Nationality
  • Medical history
  • Confirmation of sufficient funds for their stay

Italian travelers who have already purchased their travel tickets might be requested to share these details as well. Once the application has been submitted, the answers can not be changed, so they must carefully review the form before completing the process.

Traveling to Canada With Underage Visitors From Italy

Italian families planning a visit to Canada with underage travelers have to obtain individual eTA’s for each citizen regardless of their age. Parents or tutors are authorized to submit their dependents’ forms on their behalf without any problems.

Payment of the Canadian eTA by Italian Applicants

Once Italian nationals have confirmed they have answered the form correctly, they can finalize the eTA request by paying the eTA processing fee. They must check the card they plan to use has been previously authorized for online payments, and carries sufficient funds.

How Will Italians Receive their Canada eTA?

As soon as Italian passport holders have submitted their Canada eTA, it is evaluated by the Canadian government. The evaluation process lasts between 24 and 72 hours. Once they confirm that the application is in order and the payment has been processed without any issues, they issue the approved eTAs directly to the Italian travelers’ passports.

The Canadian government recommends that Italian visitors finalize their request at least 3 days before their departure to account for busy touristic periods.

Traveling to Canada with the Approved eTA from Italy

The Canadian government will notify Italian applicants of their eTA approval by email. Since the travel authorization is automatically linked to their passport, they do not need to print out a copy. They will simply have to submit an ETA linked passport before boarding a flight and upon arrival in Canada at border controls for scanning.

Italian nationals should note that it is not possible to obtain the Electronic Travel Authorization on arrival in Canada. They must have this travel permit granted before their departure.

Extension of the Canadian eTA for Italian Visitors

Italian visitors who wish to prolong their stay in Canada can request an extension for the eTA. They are simply required to submit their application for an extension 30 days before their current travel authorization expires. They will receive their extended eTA in 24 hours.

Application Steps

Complete online application
Confirm Payment
Receive approved Visa

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