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Hong Kong nationals can visit Canada without needing a traditional visa if they have the Electronic Travel Authorization (Canadian eTA). 

The Canada eTA for Hong Kongers is quick and easy to obtain by registering online. It takes a matter of minutes to apply. Hong Kong citizens can apply from the comfort of their homes, without needing to schedule a visit at an embassy or consular office.

What Is the Canada eTA for Hong Kongers?

The Canada eTA for citizens of Hong Kong is an online travel permit that allows visa-free entry to Canada. It was introduced in 2015 by the Canadian government. It is designed to make it easier for international travelers to gain authorization to visit the country.

Unlike a Canadian visa for Hong Kongers, the eTA can be obtained online by filling in a short form. This is seen as being far more convenient than going all the way to an embassy or consulate to file the necessary paperwork for a visa.

According to the Canadian visa policy, the eTA allows entry to Canada for tourism, business, or transit. It is valid for 5 years.

Hong Kong travelers can stay in Canada for up to 6 months during each visit with the eTA.

What Are the Requirements for the Canada eTA for Hong Kong Passport Holders?

Citizens of Hong Kong should check they have their documentation in order to meet the requirements for the Canadian eTA before beginning their application. The visa conditions for citizens of Hong Kong detail these further.

Applicants from Hong Kong must ensure they comply with the following:

  • Have an electronic passport
  • Possess a debit or credit card
  • Submit a frequently-used email address

The electronic (biometric) passport must be valid on the date they plan to arrive in Canada. The Canadian eTA is a unique travel permit automatically linked to the Hong Kong passport and cannot be transferred to another travel document. If a traveler’s passport will expire in less than 5 years then they should note that the Canadian eTA will expire at the same time.

Hong Kong applicants must also use a debit or credit card with sufficient funds and authorized for online payments.

All correspondence will be sent to the Hong Kong traveler by email. This includes updates about the application status and confirmation of the approved eTA.

Application Steps for the Canada eTA for Hong Kongers

Travelers from Hong Kong must complete a quick Canada eTA application form online. This form is an online questionnaire with basic questions that usually takes 20 minutes to complete.

Applicants will have to share the following personal information:

  • Full name
  • Country of birth
  • City of birth
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Professional details
  • Email address
  • Medical history

Hong Kongers will also have to submit the following passport details:

  • Citizenship
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiry date

Lastly, they will finalize the questionnaire with the following travel plans:

  • Confirmation of sufficient funds to cover their visit
  • Travel itinerary (if they have already purchased their airline tickets)

Hong Kong applicants should review their answers carefully to ensure that there are no typos or errors. Once submitted, the form cannot be amended, and any irregularities could cause a delay in its approval or even lead to a rejection of their request.

Canadian eTA for Hong Kong Underage Travelers

Each individual traveler from Hong Kong must have their own separate Canada eTA. This includes minors.

It is not possible to include children on their parent’s eTA application, even if they are included on their parent’s passport.

Parents or guardians can complete the application on behalf of their children and dependents so that they can get their own eTA for Canada.

How Long Will it Take to Receive my Canada eTA from Hong Kong?

The Canadian government evaluates all the requests received for the Electronic Travel Authorization. The analysis process usually takes between 24 and 72 hours, after which the Canadian authorities reply with a confirmation email to Hong Kong citizens.

The Canadian eTA is then automatically issued to their passports. Unlike many online travel permits, they are not obliged to carry a printed version of their eTA. However, it is recommended to print a copy to be sure that you have proof of the travel authorization.

Do Hong Kong Citizens Need a Visa for Canada?

No, citizens of Hong Kong do not need a Canadian visa to visit the country. Instead, they must register online with the eTA system.

The eTA allows visa-free visits of up to 60 days for the following purposes:

  • Tourism
  • Leisure
  • Family visits
  • Transit
  • Business trips

Hong Kongers with a Canadian eTA can make multiple trips to Canada during the 5 years that the travel authorization is valid.

The eTA is available to travelers who have a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport. Hong Kongers with other types of passport may need a visa.

Hong Kong nationals traveling to Canada for other reasons or longer periods should note the Canadian eTA does not cover them. They should get in touch with the Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong for further information.

Nationals of Hong Kong will need a visa for Canada for the following:

  • To move to Canada
  • To work in Canada
  • To study in Canada
  • To perform any other activity not covered by the eTA
  • To stay more than 60 days at a time

Traveling to Canada with the eTA from Hong Kong

Hong Kong travelers must submit their passports for scanning at departure gates to be authorized to board their flight. Likewise, upon reaching the Canadian border, they will have to hand in the passports for entry scans before being allowed into the country.

The electronic passport queues at Canadian airports are usually very quick and time-saving compared to the waiting times for international visitors arriving with a standard visa or a non-biometric passport.

Canadian eTA extensions for Hong Kong visitors

All in all, the 5-year validity of the Canadian eTA  and the ability to stay for 6 months during each visit provides a lot of flexibility to foreign visitors.

Nevertheless, if Hong Kongers, for any reason, need to prolong their stay, they can apply for the Canadian eTA extension. They must simply submit a request at least 30 days before their current eTA expires, and they will receive an extension within 24 hours.

Application Steps

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Confirm Payment
Receive approved Visa

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