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Citizens of Germany and other Europeans can obtain the Australian eVisitor visa to visit the country. As the Australian Home Office requires all foreign nationals to obtain an Australian visa before traveling there, the Australian eVisitor visa offers a convenient way to get German citizens’ required travel authorizations.

Travelers from Germany can easily apply online with some necessary information and receive their visas electronically in a matter of days without having to visit an Australian embassy or consulate.

The eVisitor Visa makes the application to travel to Australia more efficient and comfortable for German citizens as it saves them the time and money involved in personally booking an appointment at an embassy or consulate and getting there.

What Do German Citizens Need to Know About Applying for the Australian eVisitor Visa?

The Australian eVisitor visa is appropriate for German citizens interested in short-term stays in Australia, spanning no more than 3 months at a time. These short visits can be for the following purposes:

  • Touristic activities
  • Business affairs
  • Short-term training or academic courses

German nationals planning to travel and stay in Australia for periods more extended than 3 months must apply for an Australian visa personally at an Australian embassy or consulate.

There is a range of visa categories available to German citizens through the Australian embassy, depending on which Australian visa suits their travel needs (e.g., residence and work visas).

Are There Any Pre-Application Requirements for German Citizens?

Yes, the Australian Home Office requires all German visitors needing an Australian eVisitor visa to consider two crucial pre-application requirements before filling in the online form. Applicants must have:

  • A valid German passport with an expiration date that extends at least 6 months from the date of application
  • An email address where the travelers can receive updates and notifications regarding their application

If a German traveler’s passport expires in 6 months or less, they should renew it before applying for the Australia eVisitor visa.

German travelers, especially those with dual nationalities, should note that the Australian eVisitor visa is electronically connected to their passport and is not transferable. Therefore, they must travel with the same document they used when requesting the Australian eVisitor visa.

Travelers from Germany who plan on visiting Australia with their children will need to submit a separate Australian eVisitor visa application for each child.

Australian eVisitor Visa Application Process for German Citizens

Applying for the Australian eVisitor visa begins by completing an online application with the traveler’s personal and passport details. German travelers need to ensure that they submit the most accurate information on the application form and match the information shown on their passport. Errors, typos, missing information, or a mismatch in the information provided can cause delays in processing the Australian eVisitor visa application. German travelers are thus, encouraged to review the information accurately before submitting the Australian eVisitor visa application

How Long Do German Citizens Have to Wait for the Australian eVisitor Visa Granted?

German citizens who have submitted a completed application for the Australian eVisitor visa can expect to receive an update on their pending application status within 3 business days.

The Australian Home Office, once having evaluated the German citizens’ application for the Australian eVisitor visa, will get in touch with them with a confirmation of their status by email.

German travelers will receive the Australian eVisitor visa securely via email. They will have to take a printed copy of their when they travel as Immigration officers at passport controls might request to inspect a hard copy from arrivals.

German visitors should remember that the maximum length of stay on the Australian eVisitor visa is 3 months upon each visit. It allows multiple entries into Australia and is valid for 12 months upon issuance.

Application Steps

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