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The Australian government now allows travelers from certain countries, including Malaysia, to apply for and obtain an Australia ETA, an electronic travel authorization, online.

Although there are a variety of visas Malaysian citizens can apply for through a local Australian embassy or consulate, the Australian ETA visa waiver application offers the convenience of obtaining an online travel authorization for the country from the comfort of the applicant’s home or office by using any mobile device that is connected to the internet.

The ETA program is designed for Malaysians interested in visiting Australia for short-term stays for purposes such as business or tourism.

What Malaysian Citizens Need to Apply for an Australian ETA

The Australian government requires Malaysian citizens to meet the following basic requirements to apply for an Australian ETA:

  • All applicants must have a valid email address where updates regarding the Australian ETA visa application can be sent
  • A Malaysian passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of the applicant’s expected arrival in Australia
  • A debit or credit card valid for online transactions, that can be used to pay the processing fee associated with the Australian ETA.

Additionally, travelers coming from Malaysia to Australia must meet certain health requirements, the most important of which is being free from tuberculosis. They must also not possess any past criminal convictions prior to applying for the ETA for Australia visa waiver.

ETA applicants from Malaysia should also note that the passport they use to apply must be the same one they will later use to travel to Australia, as this passport and the approved authorization will be electronically linked.

Similarly, if the traveler’s passport is lost, damaged or stolen after receiving an approved visa waiver, they will be required to apply for a new Australian ETA that can be linked to the new passport.

How to apply for the Australian ETA Visa from Malaysia

In order to apply for the Australian ETA from Malaysia, it will be necessary for travelers to complete a simple online application form with biographical details as well as some passport information. The application also contains questions related to security matters as well as the applicant’s travel plans for Australia.

It is necessary to fill out the online application as accurately as possible, as small errors and/or missing information is a common cause of processing delays regarding the ETA application. In some cases, errors on the Australia ETA form can even lead to a denial of the visa waiver.

Travelers will have an opportunity to review the application before submitting the form and paying the fee associated with processing an ETA authorization for Malaysian nationals using a valid debit or credit card. Once the payment has been made the traveler can then submit the application for final processing.

Those planning to visit Australia from Malaysia with kids should be aware that a separate ETA application must be submitted for each child if they have their own passport.

Malaysian travelers who have submitted an Australian ETA visa application will receive an update on the progress of the application within 3 business days. Travelers are encouraged to submit their applications at least a week in advance of their intended travel to Australia to account for any processing delays that may occur.

Once the processing has been completed and a decision has been reached on the traveler’s application, it will be communicated to the applicant via email.

How Long Can Malaysians Stay in Australia?

The ETA for Australia for Malaysian citizens is a multiple entry electronic visa waiver which allows a maximum stay of 90 consecutive days (3 months) in the country with each entry. It is valid for a total of 12 months (1 year) from the date of approval.

ETA holders are advised to print a copy of the approved authorization to take with them when they travel to Australia. In order to enter the country, travelers may be requested to present this copy to Australian Border Force officials alongside their electronically linked passport.

Malaysian travelers that will be traveling to Australia via plane should also be aware that an Incoming Passenger Card (IPC) will need to be filled out on board before arrival.

The IPC is used by passengers to make customs, quarantine, and cash declarations as well as to inform the Australian Border Force of the address they will be staying at and any contacts they have in the country.

Nationals of Malaysia who wish to visit Australia for stays longer than 90 consecutive days, or for purposes such as to work or study, are required to apply for the relevant visa from their nearest Australian embassy or consulate.

Application Steps

Complete online application
Confirm Payment
Receive approved Visa
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