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Australian ETA Visa Waiver for Citizens of Hong Kong

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Hong Kongers planning a trip to Australia must register online for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) before traveling.

The Australian ETA for citizens of Hong Kong allows multiple trips to Australia for tourism or business purposes. It is quick and convenient to obtain thanks to the streamlined online application system.

To get this electronic visa waiver, passengers must simply meet a few basic Australia ETA requirements for Hong Kongers.

Do Hong Kong Citizens Need a Visa for Australia? 

If you are traveling to Australia on a Hong Kong passport, you will need an ETA or a visa.

The majority of travelers from around the world interested in visiting Australia are required to obtain a visa or travel authorization in order to visit the country, including citizens of Hong Kong.

There are a variety of visa types for Australia that travelers from Hong Kong can apply for from the nearest Australian embassy or consulate, depending on the purpose of their intended visit and the expected length of the stay.

The quickest and easiest to obtain is the Australia ETA for Hong Kongers. You can apply for an Australian ETA online for visits of up to 3 months for the following purposes:

  • Holidays
  • Visiting family or friends
  • Business trips
  • Transit through Australia

However, citizens of certain countries that have reciprocal agreements with Australia, including nationals of Hong Kong, are eligible to apply for an Australian ETA online  instead.

The main advantages of applying for an Australian ETA online from Hong Kong is that it eliminates the need to obtain a visa in person from an embassy or consulate of Australia, and the online form is quick and simple to complete.

It may be necessary to apply for an Australia visa for Hong Kong citizens in the following situations:

  • To stay for more than 3 consecutive months
  • To work in Australia
  • To move to Australia
  • To perform other activities not covered by the ETA

There are a variety of visa types for Australia that travelers from Hong Kong can apply for from the nearest Australian embassy or consulate, depending on the purpose of their intended visit and the expected length of the stay.

Are Citizens of Hong Kong Eligible to Obtain the Australian ETA?

Yes, citizens of Hong Kong are eligible to apply for the Australian ETA visa waiver. In order to do so, travelers from Hong Kong must follow the Australian Home Office’s ETA application requirements. These include:

  • A valid Hong Kong passport valid for 6 months beyond the traveler’s intended date of arrival in Australia
  • A valid credit/debit card for paying the ETA processing fee
  • A current email address where notifications can be sent regarding the traveler’s pending application.

ETA applicants from Hong Kong must also meet certain health requirements, chief among them being free from tuberculosis. Another important requirement is not having any prior criminal convictions before beginning the application process.

Once these simple requirements are met, it is easy to apply for an Australia ETA for Hong Kong citizens.

Application Process for the Australian ETA Visa from Hong Kong

Applying for the Australian ETA for nationals of Hong Kong is simple and takes less than 30 minutes.. Travelers will have to fill out an online application form, entering the following information:

  • Basic personal details
  • Passport details
  • Basic security-related questions
  • Travel plans in Australia

Travelers must provide accurate information and double-check all the details provided while filling out the ETA application form. This is because any mistakes or missing information can cause delays in processing and may even lead to a denial of the visa waiver in some cases.

Travelers from Hong Kong can complete the application process by paying the ETA fee using a valid debit or credit card. Once the payment has been made, the application can then be submitted for processing.

Passport requirements for Hong Kongers applying for an Australian ETA 

For dual nationals, it is important to apply for the Australian ETA using the same passport that you intend to travel to the country with. This is because the approved authorization will be electronically linked to that particular passport.

Applicants must also note that If the passport used to apply is lost, stolen, or damaged after receiving the Australian ETA authorization, you must simply reapply for a new one using your new passport in order to visit the country.

Travelers from Hong Kong can complete the application process by paying the ETA fee using a valid debit or credit card. Once the payment has been made, the application can then be submitted for processing.

Traveling from Hong Kong to Australia

After submitting the application, the ETA will be processed rapidly. It usually takes no more than 2 business days for citizens of Hong Kong to receive a copy of the approved electronic visa waiver for Australia securely via email. In many cases, ETAs are delivered even sooner.

Therefore, It is advisable to apply for the Australian ETA from Hong Kong well in advance of the intended date of arrival to allow for the rare event of delays.

Visitors from Hong Kong who have been approved for an Australian ETA and have received a copy via email, are also advised to take a printed copy of the visa waiver with them when they travel. Australian Border officials may ask to see this printout alongside the traveler’s passport when passing through immigration control for the country.

It is also worth mentioning that travelers from Hong Kong arriving in Australia by air will need to fill out an Incoming Passenger Card (IPC),  which is used to make declarations regarding customs, quarantine and cash.

To complete an IPC, travelers need to provide details of the address at which they plan to stay at while in Australia, as well as any contacts they may have in the country. Travelers are also required to notify the Australian Home Office immediately should any of their contact information, such as phone number or email address, change while they are visiting Australia.

The Australian ETA visa allows for a maximum stay of 3 months or 90 consecutive days in the country per entry. It is valid for up to 12 months and allows multiple entries into Australia as long as stay does not exceed 3 months.

Hong Kong passport holders who wish to spend longer consecutive periods in Australia should contact their nearest Australian diplomatic mission for information about the type of visa they require.

Application Steps

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Confirm Payment
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ETA Australia Processing time
1 - 2 days
Australia government fee
14 usd
Our service fee
29 usd
43 usd
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Embassy Registration
Service fee includes
Fast processing timeFast processing time
Application reviewExpert application review
Online supportOnline support 365 days a year
High success rate99% application success rate
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Covid Update for Australia

Last update: 17/11/2022

Travelers with an Australia ETA or eVisitor can now enter Australia. All nationwide travel restrictions were lifted on July 6, 2022. Passengers no longer need to complete an online Australia Travel Declaration form. There may still be certain COVID-19 rules in the individual Australian states and territories. Find out the travel requirements that you must meet to visit the country by checking the visa policy of Australia.

Australian Embassy in Hong Kong

Travelers who hold a passport from Hong Kong may apply for the Australia ETA online, which eliminates the need to visit an embassy or consulate in person.

However, those who wish to enter Australia for other reasons (such as the Working Holiday program or studying) are encouraged to contact their local Australian consulate as seen below:

Country policy

Australia Visa Policy


Learn about the visa policy of Australia and find out the travel requirements for visitors of your nationality.

Traveling to Australia from Hong Kong

The shortest distance between Hong Kong and Australia is around 4,200 km, and the fastest way to travel from one country to the other is by plane.

Cathay Pacific Airways, the flag carrier of Hong Kong, has four non-stop routes from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) to Sydney (SYD), Melbourne (MEL), Brisbane (BNE), and Perth (PER).

Likewise, there are flights with layovers to destinations such as the Gold Coast, Cairns, Hobart, Canberra, Alice Spring, Broome, and Kununurra, among others.

The most common airlines that fly between both countries are JAL, Virgin Australia, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Cathay Pacific.

Over the past few years, travelers from Hong Kong have had a surge of interest in long-haul destinations — including Australia.

The number of Hong Kong arrivals in Australia rose by nearly 40% between 2015 and 2019. This comes as no surprise, since a recent survey noted that citizens of Hong Kong topped the list of the most seasoned travelers.

Travelers coming from Hong Kong are sure to be amazed by Australia’s 8,200-some islands (200 of which are inhabited), Ningaloo Reef, and the Sydney Opera House.

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