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Algeria eVisa Information

The Algeria eVisa is an upcoming electronic visa, which is expected to be launched in the near future. It will allow travelers to apply online for an Algeria visa.

The eVisa for Algeria will make it easier for eligible applicants to get the necessary paperwork to visit the country.

The online application form will mean that travelers will not need to visit an Algerian embassy or consulate to apply for an online Algeria tourist visa.

It is expected that applicants will be able to complete the online application in just a few minutes.

Visitors will have to complete their Algeria visa application online before traveling to the country.

The Algeria eVisa is expected to be available for international travelers visiting the country for purposes of business or tourism.

Those who wish to travel to Algeria for purposes other than those permitted with the eVisa should contact their nearest Algerian embassy or consulate for further information.

There are currently few details available about this upcoming change in Algeria visa policy, but more information will be published on this site when released by the Algerian government in the near future.

Upcoming electronic visa
For tourism or business purposes
What is Necessary ?

Valid passport

Current email

Debit/credit card

Algeria eVisa Requirements

In order to submit an online application, it is first necessary to meet the requirements for the Algerian eVisa.

To obtain the Algeria visa online, an applicant will have to be a national of an eligible country.

The details of which nationalities are eligible have yet to be announced and will be published on this site once available.

To complete the Algeria visa application, applicants will need:

  • Email address
  • Passport information (passport number, expiry date, etc.)
  • Some basic personal details (name, nationality, date of birth, etc.)
  • To answer some security questions (including previous travel history)

The traveler will have to carry the same passport used for the eVisa application when passing through Algerian border control since the details of this passport will correspond to those on the eVisa.

If the passport expires or is lost, damaged, or stolen before the traveler goes to Algeria, it is expected that they will have to reapply for the eVisa using their new passport.

Once the applicant receives their Algeria eVisa, they may be required to print out a copy to present at border control. However, this information has not yet been confirmed.

Application Steps

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Confirm Payment
Receive approved Visa

Covid Update for Algeria

Last update: 25/02/2021

All commercial flights to Algeria are currently suspended, with the exception of medevac and repatriation flights. Travelers aged 12 and older entering Algeria must carry a printed medical certificate in Arabic, French, or English showing that they received a negative PCR test result for coronavirus within the 72 hours before departure. Travelers must carry an exceptional entry permit (EEP) issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Algeria or by an Algerian embassy.

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Algeria Visa Policy


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Algeria Visa FAQ

  • What is the Algeria online visa?

    The Algeria online visa, or eVisa, is an electronic travel authorization that will be introduced in the near future. It will allow eligible applicants to apply online and will grant the holder entry to Algeria.

  • Do I need an eVisa to visit Algeria?

    Most travelers require a visa to enter Algeria. Nationals of a handful of designated countries may enter visa-free. When information about which nationalities will be eligible for the eVisa is released, the visa checker above will show the relevant details.

  • How long is the Algeria eVisa valid for?

    It is currently unknown how long the Algeria eVisa will be valid for. This information will be published on this site once available.

  • How much does an Algeria eVisa cost?

    There is currently no information available on how much the Algeria eVisa will cost. This information will be published on this website when it is made public.

  • How do I get an eVisa for Algeria?

    Travelers will be able to obtain an Algerian eVisa by completing a quick online application.

  • What documents are needed for the Algeria eVisa application?

    Applicants must have a valid passport issued by an eligible country in order to apply for an Algeria eVisa. More information about required documents will be provided when it is released.

  • How long will it take to complete the Algeria eVisa application?

    Based on current information, the Algerian eVisa application is expected to take a short time to complete, with applicants simply filling out some personal information and travel details in an online form.

  • How long does it take to get a visa to Algeria?

    It is currently unknown how long it will take to process the eVisa application. However, based on existing eVisa systems in other countries, it is probable that the visa will be approved within a few days.

  • Can I work in Algeria with the eVisa?

    Details about the travel purposes permitted with an Algeria eVisa have not yet been released. However, it is highly likely that, in line with electronic visas for most countries, it will not grant visitors permission to work in the country.

  • What happens if my Algeria eVisa application is rejected?

    If an online application for an Algerian visa is rejected, it is likely that the traveler will be able to submit another application. It is important to carefully check all the information provided on the online form, as small mistakes are the most common reason that eVisas for other countries are rejected.

  • Do I need an eVisa for Algeria if I am only transiting through the country?

    It is not yet known if travelers will need an eVisa for transit through Algeria if they do not leave the airport. However, the current Algeria visa policy requires travelers to obtain a transit visa in order to pass through the country.

  • Is the online visa for Algeria valid for multiple entries?

    It has not yet been revealed whether the e-Visa for Algeria will be valid for single entries or multiple entries. This information will be published on this site once available.

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